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Founder’s Message

Ms. Nabanita Chattopadhyay, Founder

Dogs – the first thing that comes to our mind when we ponder about selfless love, the ones who are cited as examples of loyalty, faith and bravery. The ones who shower us with immense love and who deserve to be treated in the same way and demand to be taken care of.  I was a kid when I developed this love for our four legged friends and used to bring any street dog home whom I would find on my way to school or back home. Seeing them suffer was something very unbearable for me.

The first recognized breed that came to our in-laws house was a GSD whose name was ‘Mini’. She had placed her tiny footprints in our house in the year 1985. My husband had sold out his gold ring to bring him without informing my in-laws. Once a dog lover always a dog lover was proven in the years to come as one by one breeds like Labrador, Newfoundland, Dobermann, Great Dane, Rottweilers and at last Beagle found space in our home and also in our hearts, giving us joy for a lifetime.

We never thought to introduce any product for caring / grooming for Dogs. Neither mine nor my in-laws’ family had any kind of business in past.  In the year 2010, one of our kennel attendant had used one well known chemical product to control ticks of Funny, a Newfoundland who was pregnant for 45 days. Eight puppies were born but all died due to malformation of diaphragm. We all were under severe depression for long time following this harrowing incident.

But when there is will, there is a way. We hardly knew what destiny had in store for us. My husband is always known as ‘Mr. Fixit’. During our family tour in Kerala, he did a lot of research by meeting and obtaining knowledge from natural therapists. After returning, we did a series of explorations and experiments and ultimately met with success in finding out some unique formulas for the betterment of our four legged friends. Thus BOON was born and spread its wings subsequently.

With a wide variety of products for our furry friends and overwhelming results, Boon made its way into the hearts of many dog lovers. Whoever has used our product, had found remarkable results which is reflected in the health and happiness of their pets.

Our dogs are a part of our family, and they deserve to be treated in the best possible way, without any compromise. And, if you are looking for ONE solution to all problems that your four legged friend is facing, then BOON is the answer.

Boon is not just a brand but also a living reality for me and my husband which we have nurtured with immense love and care, keeping in mind the well being of the most integral friends of our family – DOGS!

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