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Inception of Boon®

Boon® is a brand for a range of natural dog grooming products which are innovated by Divine Guard in Kolkata in India in the year 2013.

We have more than 3 decades of experience in dog care and our products are a result of our:

  • understanding of the nature and character of a wide variety of dog breeds;

  • understanding of the grooming needs of dogs;

  • disapproval of the use of harsh chemical products, which has a variety of proven toxic side effects;

  • research on natural organic ingredients used for therapy on dogs, which are prescribed in ancient texts;

  • exploration and experiment with the natural organic ingredients to formulate products for dogs.

Our Mission is to provide natural effective grooming care to dogs to ensure that they do not suffer from any side effects which are very common with harsh chemical products. We also aim at providing value for money to our customers with highly concentrated range of our products.

Our products are rich in all the vital natural essentials required for proper grooming of your dog to give it the perfect look of health and playfulness. Since our pets are very close to our hearts, we treat them like children and often cuddle up with them. Our products ensure that our pets do not smell bad and always emit refreshing fragrance to make their sweet presence felt. More over, as it contains natural ingredients, it is safe for dogs as well as their owners and children.

Manufacturing of all our products done under Ultra modern Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in 9001 certified manufacturing units at Madurai and Kolkata under strict supervision of experienced technical faculty and monitored by Divine Guard.

Presently, we have categorized the whole range of our products into 7 groups – Grooming, Shampoo, Anti-fungal & Anti-bacterial, Pre-bath Massage, Anti-tick & Anti-fleas, Paws & Corn Care and Floor Cleaner.

Our vision is to established Boon® as the most effective, essential and safe natural therapy in India in coming years.

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