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Dr. Anup J. Gogoi

Doctor and Rottweiler Enthusiast


Satisfied with expected result.

Dr. Subhas Sarkar

Leading Vet. Consultant in Kolkata / MVSc.

Excellent Product!

Boon is Excellent, Effective and Safe for Dogs.

Mr. Ashim Saha

Dog enthusiast all Breed Handler


Safe and effective for all dog breeds.

Mr. Chandan Sen

Motor Sports specialist, Dog enthusiast

Very Good

Safe, effective and value for money.

Mr. Goutam Giri

Dog enthusiast all Breed Handler

100% Satisfied!

Satisfied 100% with Boon for last five years.

Mr. Pinal Banerjee

Dog Lover and Enthusiast

Boon is Good

Boon is an Excellent Natural Therapy for Dogs.

Mr. Raj Kumar Aich

GSD Enthusiast and Risk Consultant

Made with Love

Boon products are the effects and combination of love towards a dog. They have been created keeping the effects to our four legged friends in mind and has been crafted naturally to give you the desired results. In one word cruelty free excellent products.

Mr. Sanjay Khan

Dobermann Enthusiast

Truly Natural!

If you want to go by nature go with Boon.

Mr. Sudip Kundu

Dobermann enthusiast


Excellent natural product for all types of Dogs.

Mr. Vikash Agarwal

Dog Enthusiast

Value for Money

Safe, effective and value for money.

Ms. Debjani Dutta

Pet Shop Owner, Dog Enthusiast

Suitable for all Breeds

Excellent product for all variety of dogs.

Ms. Isha Chatterjee

Dog Lover & Professional Psychic healer, Paranormal Investigator and Tarot Card reader

Very Effective

Boon is really Effective and Excellent.

Ms. Malabika Roy Chowdhury

Pet Shop owner, Dog enthusiast

Very Reliable

Boon is the single answer to all skin issue.

Ms. Nilanjana Ghosal

Great Dane enthusiast

I am greatly satisfied

I stopped using other products and use Boon's only. The results are remarkable. I recommend Boon's products to my friends

Ms. Sofia Ghosh

Dog Enthusiast

Great product

I have been using this product for a 1 year now and my dogs look very healthy and happy. Boon's Floor Cleaner keeps my home free of pet odour.

Dr. Samar Halder

MVSc. - Leading Vet. consultant in Kolkata

Reliable dog care products

I appreciate the fact that the products are free of any side effects, because they are composed of natural ingredients.

Mr. Arindam Ghatak

Dog Enthusiast

Very good

Outstanding effective product.

Mr. Ayan Ghosal

GSD enthusiast

Thumbs Up!

Excellent Product.

Mr. Deb Kumar Sur

Dobermann Enthusiast & Dog Care Adviser

Very Good

Very useful for Dogs of all breeds.

Mr. Pallab Saha

Dog Enthusiast

Thanks Boon!

I want to thank Boon for coming up with such natural products. My dog loves them too.

Mr. Prithiwish Majumder

Dog Enthusiast

Good Shampoos

My dogs' fur look very healthy and feels very soft.

Mr. Ratan Sharma

Doberman and Labrador Enthusiast

Product is Magical!!!

Boon is the Magic Product for Dogs.

Mr. Sankha Mukherjee

Dog Enthusiast


The cream for paws is very good and effective. I have tried other products, but this is the best.

Mr. Surajit Mitra

Corporate Manager, GSD enthusiast


Excellent natural product for my Dog.

Ms. Bulti Sarkar Paul

Pet Shop Assistance

Good Product!

My customers are very much satisfied with Boon.

Ms. Dipanita Dhar

Rottweiler Enthusiast

Breeze oil is very good!

I use it regularly and I have no complains.

Ms. Jayoti Chowdhury

Pet Shop Owner, Dog Enthusiast

Good for Skin

Boon alone is enough to keep healthy skin of any dog.

Ms. Mongla Shrestha

Pet Shop Assistance

Good Products

We use Boon's products on our dogs and recommend them to our customers.

Ms. Sanchari Biswas Paul

Dog Enthusiast

I am a Fan

Only with the first Application I am a Fan of Boon.

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