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Return & Refund Policy

Customers are advised to make an informed decision while purchasing any product from our website ( We have displayed all products properly and provided their descriptions to help our customers make that informed decision.

No Returns will be accepted in the categories of Consumables such as Food and Pet Care products to avoid contamination to the next customer, as we understand that the pet parent has made an informed choice. Yes, if the package is damaged, in that case, we cannot risk the health of your lovely pet and hence would be happy to accept a return and refund your money. Since we operate through our own houses in a very close monitoring set up, we ensure that no defective product gets shipped but in the eventuality that we have an error, we will be happy to refund.

But we would want you to notify us via email at within 3 business days post order delivery and we will get back to you promptly.

Also, in certain exceptions such as Toys, which we intend to sell from our website, it may be possible that your pet is an aggressive chewer. Please pick the right product, as a toy meant for a small breed would easily be ripped apart by a large breed.

How do I return my product to

You can either email us at with the Order ID and Transaction ID, along with the reason for return. But please remember to do so within 3 business days from the order delivery date. This is applicable for dogs accessories only, which we will be selling from our website in future. No return is accepted for  Food and Pet Care products .

When will I get my refund ?

As per our policy, refund against any purchase from will be deposited in your Wallet. You can use this deposited amount for your future purchases from

You may expect to receive the refunded amount within 7 business days from the date the refunded article reaches us back.


Can I return part of my order ?

Of course you can, as long as a product belongs to the category in which refunds are allowed.

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